Michelle Blake O'Brien

Style consultant


style & colour training 

This is relevant to any customer facing business where selection of colour and style is necessary.

Staff Motivation | Confidence through Dress and Style | Training Staff Development Programme | Informal Presentations to staff

Your staff are your business and your most valuable asset. Give them the training they need to do their job properly and with confidence and joy.

I’ve given motivational presentations all over the world and always get a huge buzz from seeing people open their eyes to change and development.

I am happy to explore any ideas or projects and can help you with content and design of training sessions. 


For more information please give me a call on 07909553469.



“Michelle has been an absolute inspiration to work with. Her skills and expertise have helped us to craft and shape an incredibly effective method for styling frames on customers that has never previously existed. ”

—  Abi Willstead, Frames Portfolio & Merchandising Manager - Specsavers