Michelle Blake

Style consultant



We all know the value of confident staff who give customers professional, knowledgeable advice. 

Hairdressing is about those talented people and brilliant customer care plays an equal part, so we need to help you build your relationships with your clients. 

In-Salon Training,  Focus on Colour and Focus on Style

Half or one-day workshops with a follow up ‘breakfast-booster’ to check you’re doing a good job.

(Note. I use Michelle Blake colour capes, fans and style boxes and these are available to buy if you wish.)


Typical full-day using models £450. Please ask for a quotation.  Half-days available.  


Following training many salons choose to organize marketing or social events for their clients.  These may be ‘Style-Pods’ – bite size presentations or informal talks on Looking Good, Style and Self-Awareness.     I’m happy to talk these ideas through with you.


“Michelle's consultation process is one that has enabled our salon to grow. It helps our stylists develop relationships with their clients and build on the client journey. Having the ability to look at a client and know what suit not only their hair but also eye colour, skin colour and also their lifestyle has allowed us to constantly improve the service we offer.

Clients come to us as experts in our industry so having the knowledge of body types, personality traits means we can target clients in a much more professional way. I'm sure the ability to listen to our clients and keep them coming back has had a positive impact on our recent growth and also contributed to our recent British hairdressing business award.”

—  Joe Hemmings. Bloggs Salons